Great creative idea for the wedding reception – Date Night Suggestions

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I’ve seen variations of the date night cards at the last couple weddings and I think it is such a great idea. The wedding planner creates blank date night suggestion cards for the guests to fill out. They have different categories like inexpensive date, weekday date, sports date, etc.  At one of the weddings they had the date night cards on the dinner tables.  I thought this was perfect as it also became an ice breaker for everyone sitting at the table as they could talk about ideas for the perfect date, the romantic date, the inexpensive date, etc.

After the cards were all filled out they were put in to a basket for the bride and groom. What a fun gift for the bride and groom, a pretty basket filled with ideas for date nights from their family and friends.  I know it will be enjoyed throughout the year.  I would love one!

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