Give your out of town wedding guests a GREAT Experience

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When you plan your San Diego North County wedding and invite guests from out of the area it is fun to create an introduction and tour guide of your town and neighborhood.   You can follow the outline below to get started:

  1. Favorite restaurants.  Give the name, address, website and any special tips on directions, parking, or best time to go. Add in a few of your favorite menu items.
  2. Fun breweries or wineries. San Diego North County has some fantastic breweries and wineries. Create a list with their names, website, hours, and any special tips including your favorites.
  3. Drug store and Grocery stores. List a nearby pharmacy or drug store and grocery store along with directions and hours. This is helpful if  they forgot something or need to get something.
  4. Local tourist spot or a spot off the beaten track.  Is there a special tourist spot they wouldn’t want to miss or place you would want to make sure they visit?  If so, give them directions, details, best time to visit, etc.  Also, keep your eyes open for any local coupons
  5. Coffee Shop and Bakery. Include a list of good coffee and pastry places with directions a maybe a list of your favorites.

You can create a personalized visitor guide yourself or contact the local Chamber of Commerce sites to get their visitor guides.

Here are a few links to get you started:

North County San Diego





San Marcos


You can ask the hotel to put your Out of Town Wedding visitor guides in their rooms or have them at the front desk check in.