Fun essentials for a Toddler Birthday

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Fun essentials to have at a Toddler Birthday party.

Toddler Gift Bag
Books Balls and Bubbles
  1. Gift Bags – Toddlers always enjoy birthday gift bags. They feel like they get a present too and gift bags are quick and easy to make.
  2. Decorations – Although toddlers all have different things they enjoy, many like Disney movies or princesses or TV shows like Vamparina, Peppa Pig, etc. Having “familiar” characters or themes can make the party feel more exciting for the children as they recognize their favorite TV show or movie.
  3. Entertainment – If the kids are NOT entertained they will quickly get bored and/or fussy. That then makes the party more difficult. Some things to help with entertaining them is to maybe have a Disney character come and visit them or play music. The common toddler songs that include hand or feet motions provide entertainment and are activities everyone can enjoy.
  4. Timing – Keep it short and schedule the birthday party for later in the afternoon after naps or early morning.
  5. Parents – Provide some light refreshments and a place for the parents to sit and observe.
  6. Take photos to capture the fun. Consider adding a photo booth to help capture the party fun with the Toddlers and the parents. The photo booth photo strip is a nice giveaway and memento for the parents.