Fall Table Centerpieces with Succulents

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Succulent table centerpiece ideas

Use succulents to make a beautiful fall table centerpiece that is cost effective, a DIY project and a lasting plant that can be enjoyed after the party or wedding.

To create a beautiful WOW factor in your centerpiece consider adding a bright colored flower that compliments the green in your succulent and then adding a few candles.  It is easy to make different size centerpieces using a combination of succulents, flowers, and candles.

Floral designers suggest not having more than 3 colors total in your arrangement. To start your arrangement place your largest succulent first.  It doesn’t have to be in the middle and many times placing it off to the side will offer a more artistic focal point. When adding your color it works best to place it around in a few places rather than just one spot.

I found some great examples on Midwest Living.