Company Holiday Parties perfect for Photo booth

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A photo booth is a perfect match for a company holiday party. The photo booth can be set up to take a professional quality 4 x 6 photo of the guests as they enter.  Then after the dinner or any programs you can change out the photo strip layout to instant double 2 x 6 prints  and bring out the props – you have instant fun entertainment.

We find the photo booth is a great ice breaker at social events and parties.  The photo booth props add an extra layer of fun.  Many people are shy about having their photo taken but when they put on a hat or a pair of glasses they are more comfortable having photos taken. Most end up loving it and having fun taking photos with friends and other staff.  At most events the photo booth is swamped all night.

If you are having a company holiday party please contact us to learn how we can provide you with an incredible photo booth experience. We have a wide variety of packages.


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