Beer Tasting party – perfect for 30th birthday

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If you are looking for a fun idea for a 30th birthday party consider a beer tasting party. The number of local brews just in San Diego will give you plenty to choose from.

A beer tasting birthday party for guys is easy and fun.

  1. Buy a range of beers from a light pilsner to a lager or stout. Include different brands.
  2. For a fun twist pit the main label beers against the local brews
  3. Arrange the beer tasting area.   It is good to use 3 ounce sample glasses since the wider the glass, the better for the aroma of the beer.  Your nose is just as important in beer tasting as in wine tasting
  4. Write a little history about each beer to give everyone a little background as they taste the different beers.
  5. Create a simple tasting score sheet. You can have the categories: Taste, texture, finish, head and room for a comment or two.
  6. Note – when you pour the beer only pour about a third of a cup’s worth in each sample glass. This gives room for the aroma to fill the glass
  7. Have snacks to eat between each tasting – nuts, cheeses, popcorn, salty snacks are fine.

The San Diego Tourism Authority  has a great list of the local breweries in San Diego to help you pick some great local brews.