5 Tips for having a Party at a Park

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Having an event outdoors at a park can be the perfect location as long as you do a little planning in advance. We found these  5 basic tips helpful when having an event at a park or public outdoor space.

  1. First check to see if there are any local requirements such as a park permit, license or special requirements for your type of event or for your vendors. Check to see if you can or need to reserve your space.  Your city parks and recreation website is a good resource.
  2. Find out if electrical service is available.  If so, check in advance the location and type of service.  Share this information with your vendors.  It is a good idea to have a back up plan in case there are any problems with the electrical service. You can request your vendor bring a universal power supply as a back up and a list of companies in the area that could provide a generator if there was a problem.
  3. Check out the restroom facilities and location. Make sure they provide all the supplies you would like your guest to have. You may need to bring a few things yourself.
  4. Check the long term weather forecast – the weather channel is a good resource.
  5. Check on the parking to make sure there is adequate parking for your guests. This will give you time so you can make alternative plans or  other parking arrangements.