5 Tips for a Great 30th Birthday Party

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Throwing a birthday party is easy, throwing a memorable birthday party takes a few extra steps.  These 5 easy tips help you in your 30th Birthday party planning.

1. Ice Breakers – if all of your guests don’t know each other help them along by having a simple game that everyone can participate. If you have a D.J. or band have them play 30 seconds of a song and have people write down the name of the song, or the artist or the year.  It adds to the fun if you pick some of your favorite songs or songs that you’ve grown up with.  This gives everyone something to talk about.  If people are sitting at tables you can have the contest between tables.  You don’t need prizes but some little funny gift adds to the fun.

2.  Simple food is always welcome. A nacho or taco bar is easy and versatile. It is easy to set up and can make a colorful display. It stays warm and provides your guests with something to snack on all night.

3.  Photos – One of the fun things about a special birthday is sharing your past with your friends. They love to see pictures of you as a little child, with your family. (not too many.) A short slide show is a nice addition.  They also love to see pictures where they are included, having fun with you- the guest of honor.  This also makes it nice for the guests to share how they met you and what you have done together.

4.  The Music – Music can set the stage for a great party. Think about how you want the evening to progress and let the music pave the way.  It is easy to provide your own music but it is worth checking in to hiring a D.J. or having some live music. You can sometimes have a musician come for a couple hours and the cost may not be as much as you think.

5.  Helpers – You want to enjoy the evening and visit with everyone so as easy at it may seem to do a lot of the work yourself you will have a better time if you arrange to have some help.  If you have friends that want to help keep things running smoothly that is great – give them specific tasks or timelines. Or consider hiring a party assistant or server for the night.

And last – don’t forget renting a Photo Booth – they add so much fun and the photo strip captures memories and gives your guests a nice take home present.  If you are in San Diego give us a call to rent our photo booth – 760-652-9730 or visit our website for more details on renting a photo booth


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